Andy Solomon  

 Selected Book Reviews                                            

Abbott, Lee K. Living after Midnight--©Los Angeles Times

Abbott, Lee. Dreams of Distant Lives--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Angle, Barbara. Those That Mattered--©New York Times

Antoni, Brian. Paradise Overdose--©Miami Herald

Baker, Larry. The Flamingo Rising--©San Francisco Chronicle

Banks, Russell. The Darling--©Boston Globe

Banks, Russell. The Sweet Hereafter--©St. Petersburg Times

Barry, Dave. Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys--©Miami Herald

Bass, Rick. Oil Notes--©St. Petersburg Times

Bass, Rick. The Sky, The Stars, The Wilderness--©Boston Globe

Bass, Rick. The Watch--©St. Petersburg Times

Bass, Rick. Where the Sea Used to Be--©Chicago Tribune

Baumgold, Julie. Creatures of Habit--©San Francisco Chronicle

Bausch, Richard. In the Night Season--©Boston Globe

Bausch, Richard. Rare & Endangered Species--©Boston Globe

Bausch, Richard. Rebel Powers--©Miami Herald

Bausch, Richard. Someone to Watch Over Me--©Boston Globe

Bausch, Richard. The Fireman's Wife--©Chicago Tribune

Bausch, Richard. Violence--©Miami Herald

Beam, Alex. Gracefully Insane--©Boston Globe

Beattie, Ann. Park City--©Washington Post

Beattie, Ann. Picturing Will--©St. Petersburg Times

Beattie, Ann. What Was Mine--©St. Petersburg Times

Begley, Louis. About Schmidt--©Miami Herald

Bell, Madison Smartt. All Souls' Rising--©St. Petersburg Times

Bell, Madison Smartt. Doctor Sleep--©Applause

Bell, Madison Smartt. Save Me Joe Lewis--©Chicago Tribune

Bell, Madison Smartt. Soldier's Joy--©Cleveland Plain Dealer

Birkerts, Sven. The Gutenberg Elegies--©Chicago Tribune

Bloom, Harold. Shakespeare--©St. Petersburg Times

Blumenthal, Michael. Weinstock Among the Dying--©New York Times

Boyle, T.C. If the River Was Whiskey--©Cleveland Plain Dealer

Bradfield, Scott. The History of Luminous Motion--©St. Petersburg Times

Bradfield, Scott. What's Wrong with America--©Chicago Tribune

Brady, Joan. Theory of War--©Boston Globe

Braverman, Kate. Wonders of the West--©Washington Post

Bright, Freda. Parting Shots--©Washington Post

Brock, Darryl. If I Never Get Back--©New York Times

Bronson, Po. Bombadeirs--©Washington Post

Brown, Larry. Billy Ray's Farm--©Boston Globe

Brown, Larry. Joe--©St. Petersburg Times

Brown, Roseleen. Before and After--©Miami Herald

Bucahanan, Edna. Miami, It's Murder--©Miami Herald

Burgin, Richard. Fear of Blue Skies--©St. Petersburg Times

Burgin, Richard. Man Without Memory--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Burgin, Richard. Private Fame--©St. Petersburg Times

Busch, Frederick. A Long Way from Home--©Detroit News

Carcaterra, Lorenzo. Apaches--©Washington Post

Carroll, Jerry Jay. Dog Eat Dog--©San Francisco Chronicle

Carroll, Jerry Jay. Inhuman Beings--©San Francisco Chronicle

Carroll, Jerry Jay. Top Dog--©San Francisco Chronicle

Carroll, Jonathan. From the Teeth of Angels--©St. Petersburg Times

Chao, Patricia. Monkey King--©Los Angeles Times

Chernoff, Maxine. Signs of Devotion--©Chicago Tribune

Cherry, Kelly. Dr. Joyce Brothers--©St. Petersburg Times

Chiarella, Tom. Foley's Luck--©New York Times

Clarke, Lindsay. The Chymical Wedding©Chicago Tribune

Coe, Jonathan. The Winshaw Legacy--©Chicago Tribune

Collignon, Rick. Journal of Antonio Montoya--©New York Times

Conroy, Sarah Booth. Refinements of Love--©New York Times

Cox, Harvey, Many Mansions--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Coyle, Beverly. In Troubled Waters--©St. Petersburg Times

Coyle, Beverly. The Kneeling Bus--©St. Petersburg Times

Crace, Jim. Genesis--©Boston Globe

Crace, Jim. Signals of Distress--©Boston Globe

Crace, Jim. The Gift of Stones--©St. Petersburg Times

Crews, Harry. Scar Lover--©St. Petersburg Times

Crews, Harry. The Mulching of America--©Miami Herald

Crowl, Samuel. Shakespeare at the Cineplex--©St. Petersburg Times

Davies, Linda. Nest of Vipers--©Washington Post

De Blasis, Celeste. Graveyard Peaches--©Washington Post

Dee, Jonathan. The Liberty Campaign--©Chicago Tribune

Dee, Jonathan. The Lover of History--©New York Times

Deford, Frank. Love and Infamy--©Los Angeles Times

Deighton, Len. Faith--©Washington Post

Deighton, Len. Hope--©Washington Post

Delacorte, Peter. Time on My Hands--©San Francisco Chronicle

Delaney, Bob. Covert--©Boston Globe

Demarinis, Rick. The Voice of America--©Miami Herald

Demarinis, Rick. The Year of the Zinc Penny--©St. Petersburg Times

DePew, Alfred. The Melancholy of Departure--©New York Times

Digges, Deborah. Fugitive Spring--©Miami Herald

Dillard, Annie. The Writing Life--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Dorris, Michael. Cloud Chamber--©Miami Herald

Drinkard, Michael. Green Bananas--©New York Times

Duras, Marguerite. Emily L.--©New York Times

Ehrenreich, Barbara.Blood Rites--©Chicago Tribune

Ehrlich, Gretel. Heart Mountain--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Erickson, Steve. American Nomad--©San Francisco Chronicle

Estleman,Loren. City of Widows--©New York Times

Evanier, David. Red Love--©New York Times

Eyre, David. Float--©Los Angeles Times

Feinstein, John. A Civil War--©St. Petersburg Times

Fleming, Berry. Capt. Bennett's Folly--©New York Times

Forrest, Leon. Relocations of the Spirit--©Chicago Tribune

Freed, Lynn. The Mirror--©San Francisco Chronicle

French, Thomas. Unanswered Cries--©Detroit News

Fusilli, Jim. A Well-Known Secret--©Boston Globe

Fusilli, Jim. Hard Hard City--©Boston Globe

Fusilli, Jim. Tribeca Blues--©Boston Globe

Garber, Eugene. Historian--©New York Times

Gautreaux, Tim. The Next Step in the Dance--©New York Times

Gifford, Barry. Arise & Walk--©San Francisco Chronicle

Gilchrist, Ellen. I Cannot Get You Close Enough--©St. Petersburg Times

Gollob, Herbert. Me and Shakespeare--©St. Petersburg Times

Gonzales, Laurence. The Hero's Apprentice--©Chicago Tribune

Gowdy, Barbara. Falling Angels--©St. Petersburg Times

Graver, Elizabeth. The Honey Thief--©Boston Globe

Graver, Elizabeth. Unraveling--©Boston Globe

Greeley, Andrew. All About Women--©New York Times

Greenberg, Joanne. No Reck'ning Made--©San Francisco Chronicle

Grunwald, Michael. The Swamp--©Boston Globe

Ha Jin, Ocean of Words--©New York Times

Hall, James. Hard Aground--©Miami Herald

Hall, Oakley. Separations--©New York Times

Hamilton, Jane. A Map of the World--©San Francisco Chronicle

Hamilton, Jane. Disobedience--©St. Petersburg Times

Hamilton, Jane. The Short History of a Prince--©St. Petersburg Times

Hammond, Diana. The Impersonator--©New York Times

Hannah, Barry. Boomerang--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Harrison, Sam- Walls of Blue Coquina--©St. Petersburg Times

Hawkes, G. W. Playing Out of the Deep Woods--©New York Times

Hays, Tommy. Sam's Crossing--©Washington Post

Hegadorn, Jessica. Gangster of Love--©Boston Globe

Hempel, Amy. At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Hempel, Amy. Tumble Home--©Chicago Tribune

Hiaasen, Carl. Stormy Weather--©Miami Herald

Hiaasen, Carl. Strip Tease--©Miami Herald

Higgins, George. Victories--©Chicago Tribune

Hill, Lawrence. Any Known Blood--©New York Times

Hobhouse, Janet. The Furies--©Washington Post

Hughes, Ted. Difficulties of a Bride--©New York Times

Hunt, E. Howard. Dragon Teeth--©New York Times

Irving, John. A Prayer for Owen Meany--©St. Petersburg Times

Irving, John. A Son of the Circus--©St. Petersburg Times

Ishiguro, Kazuo. The Remains of the Day--©St. Petersburg Times

Johnson, Charles. Dreamer--©Boston Globe

Johnson, Susan. Flying Lessons--©New York Times

Jordan, Neil. The Dream of a Beast--©Chicago Tribune

Kamen, Paula. Feminist Fatale--©Washington Post

Katzenbach, John. The Shadow Man--©Boston Globe

King, Stephen. Four Past Midnight--©New York Times

Kingsolver, Barbara. Animal Dreams--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Kingsolver, Barbara. Pigs in Heaven--©Detroit News

Kotker, Zane. Try to Remember--©New York Times

L'Amour, Louis. Education of a Wandering Man--©New York Times

La Plante, Richard. Detours--©St. Petersburg Times

Lambkin, David. The Hanging Tree--©San Francisco Chronicle

Lanahan, Eleanor. Scottie- the Daughter of...--©Washington Post

Lenzo, Lisa. Within the Lighted City--©New York Times

Lessing, Doris. African Laughter--©Miami Herald

Lethem, Jonathan. As She Climbed Across the Table--©San Francisco Chronicle

Lethem, Jonathan. Girl in Landscape--©San Francisco Chronicle

Lethem, Jonathan. The Wall of the Sky--©San Francisco Chronicle

Lurie, Allison. Women and Ghosts--©Miami Herald

MacLeish, William. Uphill with Archie--©Boston Globe

Marius, Richard. After the War--©Boston Globe

Matthiessen, Peter. Killing Mr. Watson--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Maurice, Edward. The Last Gentlman Adventurer--©Boston Globe

McCrum, Robert. Suspicion--©San Francisco Chronicle

McGrory, Brian. Dead Line--©Boston Globe

McGrory, Brian. The Incumbent--©Boston Globe

McInerney, Jay. Story of My Life--©St. Petersburg Times

McLarin, Kim. Taming It Down--©New York Times

McMurtry, Comanche Moon--©New York Times

McMurtry, Larry. Pretty Boy Floyd-©-Chicago Tribune

McMurtry, Larry. The Evening Star--©Chicago Tribune

Meade, Glenn. Snow Wolf--©New York Times

Meinke, Peter. Zinc Fingers--©St. Petersburg Times

Miller, Sue. For Love--©Detroit News

Miller, Sue. The Distinguished Guest--©Miami Herald

Minot, Susan. Folly--©Chicago Tribune

Moody, Rick. Purple America--©Chicago Tribune

Moore, Lorrie. Like Life--©St. Petersburg Times

Moore, Lorrie. Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?--©Miami Herald

Moore, Susanna. The Whiteness of Bones--©St. Petersburg Times

Morris, Mary. House Arrest--©San Francisco Chronicle

Morrissy, Mary. Lazy Eye--©San Francisco Chronicle

Mortimer, John. The Narrowing Stream--©Chicago Tribune

Morton, Brian. Starting Out in the Evening--©San Francisco Chronicle

Munro, Alice. Open Secrets--©St. Petersburg Times

Murata, Kiyoaki. An Enemy Among Friends--©Washington Post

Naumoff, Lawrence. Taller Women--©Boston Globe

Neider, Charles. A Visit to Yazoo--©New York Times

Nimmo, H. Arlo. Songs of Salanda--©New York Times

Nuland, Sherwin. The Art of Aging--©Boston Globe

Nye, Robert. Mrs. Shakespeare--©St. Petersburg Times

O'Brien, Edna. House of Splendid Isolation--©Chicago Tribune

O'Brien, Edna. The High Road--©Cleveland Plain Dealer

O'Brien, Tim.  In the Lake of the Woods--©Miami Herald

O'Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Oates, Joyce Carol. Because It Is Bitter and Because It Is My Heart--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Oates, Joyce Carol. Black Water--©Applause

Oates, Joyce Carol. Foxfire--©Boston Globe

Olds, Sharon. The Father--©St. Petersburg Times

Omang, Joanne. Incident at Akabal--©Los Angeles Times

Pang-Mei Natasha Chang,, Bound Feet and Western Dress--©St. Petersburg Times

Pearson, T.R. Blue Ridge--©Boston Globe

Pearson, T.R. Cry Me a River--©Miami Herald

Pierson, Melissa Holbrook. The Perfect Vehicle--©Chicago Tribune

Plimpton, George. The Writer's Chapbook--©St. Petersburg Times

Potok, Chiam. The Gift of Asher Lev--©Chicago Tribune

Reston, James. Jr. Collision at Home Plate--©Detroit News

Rivers, Caryl. Camelot--©Boston Globe

Robbins, Tom. Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas--©San Francisco Chronicle

Rodin, Robert. Articles of Faith--©New York Times

Ronan, Frank. The Men Who Loved Evelyn Cotton--©St. Petersburg Times

Rubin, Louis. Small Craft Advisory--©Washington Post

Sallis,James. Cypress Grove--©Boston Globe

Sanders, Dori. Clover--©Chicago Tribune

Schwartz, Lynne Sharon. Leaving Brooklyn--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Self, Will. My Idea of Fun--©Chicago Tribune

Settle, Mary Lee. Charley Bland--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Settle, Mary Lee. Choices--©Chicago Tribune

Shames, Laurence. Virgin Heat-©-San Francisco Chronicle

Shapiro, Dani. Fugitive Blue--©Washington Post

Shem Samuel. Mount Misery--©Boston Globe

Sherwood, Frances. Vindication--©San Francisco Chronicle

Shields, Carol. The Republic of Love--©Boston Globe

Shreve, Susan Richard, A Country of Strangers--©Cleveland Plain Dealer

Shreve, Susan. Daughters of the New World--©Miami Herald

Simonds, Merilyn. The Lion in the Room Next Door--©New York Times

Simpson, Mona. The Lost Father--©St. Petersburg Times

Singer, Isaac Bashevis. King of the Fields--©Chicago Tribune

Skvorecky, Josef. The Republic of Whores--©San Francisco Chronicle

Smiley, Jane. A Thousand Acres--©Applause

Smiley, Jane. Moo--©St. Petersburg Times

Smiley, Jane. Ordinary Love & Good Will--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Spencer, Elizabeth. Jack of Diamonds--©St. Petersburg Times

Standiford, Les. Deal on Ice--©San Francisco Chronicle

Standiford, Les. Deal to Die For--©Miami Herald

Standiford, Les. Presidential Deal--©San Francisco Chronicle

Standiford, Les. Raw Deal--©Miami Herald

Stone, Oliver A Child's Night Dream--©San Francisco Chronicle

Stone, Robert. Outerbridge Reach--©St. Petersburg Times

Strother, Shelby. Saddlebags--©St. Petersburg Times

Szeman, Sherri. The Kommandant's Mistress--©San Francisco Chronicle

Thayer, Steve. The Weatherman--©Washington Post

Thomas, D.M. Pictures at an Exhibition--©Chicago Tribune

Thomson, Rupert. The Insult--©San Francisco Chronicle

Tosches, Nick. The Devil and Sonny Liston--©Boston Globe

Tyler, Anne. Saint Maybe--©St. Petersburg Times

Updike, John. Golf Dreams--©St. Petersburg Times

Updike, John. Rabbit at Rest--©Applause

Walker, Alice. Possessing the Secret of Joy--©St. Petersburg Times

Weaver, Will. A Gravestone Made of Wheat--©New York Times

Weber, Katherine. Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear--©San Francisco Chronicle

Weesner, Theodore. Harbor Lights--©Boston Globe

Wesselman, Debbie Lee. The Earth and the Sky--©New York Times

Westbrook, Robert. Intimate Lies- F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sheilah Graham--©Washington Post

Wicker, Tom. One of Us--©St. Petersburg Times

Williams, Joy. Escapes--©Philadelphia Inquirer

Wilson, Leigh Allison. Wind- Stories--©Chicago Tribune

Wolff, Tobias. The Night in Question--©San Francisco Chronicle

Wolff, Tobias. This Boy's Life--©St. Petersburg Times

Wood, Edward W., On Being Wounded--©Washington Post

Woods, Stuart. Imperfect Strangers--©Washington Post

Wyse, Lois. Seconds--©New York Times

Yates, Brock. The Outlaw Machine--©Washington Post

Zanetti, Gino. She's a Bad Motorcycle--©St. Petersburg Times

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