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Soon after Andy Solomon became the single parent of his 2-year-old son Marty he put the toddler on his motorcycle’s gas tank, and they became motorcycle men. This life lasted seven years until a near-fatal accident when Marty was nine made Andy promise he’d never again put his son on a motorcycle. But they missed riding terribly and formed a plan: when Marty graduated college they would get new motorcycles and tour the entire country. When Marty graduated, they did just that: five weeks, 26 states, and over 9000 miles from Florida to the Pacific and back.

This warm, perceptive account of that tour is on its surface a richly informative travel memoir, but at its heart it is the story of a devoted single parent raising his only child to adulthood and now letting him go.

This memoir is filled with closely observed descriptions of the America they see and the colorful history of the places they travel. Laced between these vivid pictures, in the rhythm of a touring rider’s mind, are astute reflections on the nature of the man he’s raised, the forces that formed a boy whose mother was largely absent, what it takes to be a good parent, and how Andy has succeeded and failed in that role, as well as English professor Solomon’s thoughts on American college life today and what it takes to function in the contemporary academic world.

Reader Comments

4.0 out of 5 stars Great holiday gift with wide-open appeal!September 2, 2013
This review is from: The Fourth Demand: The Story of a Father and Son Journey (Kindle Edition)
Weekend biker Andy Solomon takes us on several tours that will touch the hearts of everyone on your list: single dads; misunderstood Hell's Angels; college professors clinging to integrity; young people leaving home for the first time; and sports fans. You will lean into Solomon's wit and bask in his cross-country scenes, while delighting in a Pittburgh-born impression of folks he meets along the way.

Seven years after biker and English professor Solomon (Partners) became a divorced single parent, he took his young son, Marty, for one of their customary motorcycle rides—but this time, the ride ended in a near-fatal accident. After the crash, Solomon vowed not to ride with Marty again until he graduated from college, when they would take a cross-country trip together. Upon Marty's graduation, that is exactly what they did. Here, Solomon reflects on parenthood, the kind of man his son has become, the kind of man he thought he would become, and the process of letting go of one's children. Solomon weaves his reflections into tales of the road and thoughts on literature. He's an excellent writer—his command of language and his familiarity with the classics is evident on every page. Solomon has a thoughtful, deliberate style, and readers who love language will find his writing resonant. He ably evokes the countryside and skillfully renders the highs and lows of parenting. By the book's end, readers will find themselves holding their family close and planning a trip across the country.

"As an outer journey across America on motorcycles with his 20-something son Andy Solomon celebrates the marvel of the ordinary, the bonds formed by contemporary culture, music, sports, travel, food. As an inner journey, he revisits the events which simultaneously bind and separate him from the son he has raised as a single parent, concluding that he must now let this son go to undertake his own journey. On both levels the journey is packed with insight and humor, one any reader will be glad to have shared."

Francis Gillen

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Reader Comments

5.0 out of 5 stars I couldn't put it down March 24, 2013
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Life is a journey of discovery.
In Partners, by Andy Solomon, a father thrust into raising a son on his own, finds a way not only to parent well, but to become a better artist and a better man.
Before you pick up this book, you might want to put out a meal or two, because you are not going to be able to put it down. The characters are wonderfully crafted and the story washes over you like the gentle waves along Florida's west coast where the story takes place. You'll find yourself laughing and crying as father Mark and his young son Ben navigate their new life. It's not a journey on a smooth path, but it is a beautiful one where you look forward to what's around the next bend.
Download Partners and read it. You won't regret having spent a day taking this adventure with this father and son.

"This amiable novel from National Book Critics Circle Citation-finalist Andy Solomon provides a rich blend of zesty wit and deeply-felt emotion as it charts the subtle textures of both how we connect with those most deeply ingrained in our lives and how we struggle to bring to full ripeness the creative potential in our nature.."

5 out of 5 starsAbsolute Talent April 8, 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
By Alexa
Andy Solomon truly hits the nail on the head in his novel Partners. It is easy to begin this book and become so wrapped up in the characters and events that before you know it, you've been sitting and reading for hours. Andy Solomon is a master at creating characters in which the reader can feel a real connection with, and this connection is very addicting. Sensational from beginning to end, I would recommend this novel to anyone.

Partners Now Available

When 24-year-old art student Mark Hollander discovers his lovely blond neighbor Holly McIvey, stealing his morning newspaper, the petty larceny quickly blossoms into love, marriage and a baby -- even as Mark’s professional future runs only into stone walls.

So off they go to Florida where his professional fortunes bloom, but his marriage slowly withers. As Holly exits, she decides she must leave two-year-old Ben with Mark --who finds he learns as much from his toddler as the boy learns from him. The child may, in fact, provide the key to much that Mark discovers about how to love and how to become a genuine artist, as a host of quirky and endearing characters join them along their path.

This amiable novel from National Book Critics Circle Citation finalist Andy Solomon provides a rich blend of zesty wit and deeply-felt emotion as it charts the subtle textures of both how we connect with those most deeply ingrained in our lives, and how we struggle to bring to full ripeness the creative potential in our basic nature.
"A fascinating novel populated by well-developed, vivid characters."  Publishers Weekly

Reader Comments

Partners, a novel from Andy Solomon, is a sweeping story of falling in love, falling out of love, and finding that parenthood can change one’s understanding of love forever. . . .
One of my favorite aspects of Partners is the way Solomon incorporates Mark’s love of Shakespeare into his passion for painting. The integration of Shakespeare’s work and the careful details about both oil and watercolor painting add depth to the story without interrupting the flow of the narrative. Solomon did a wonderful job of delving into the mind of a creative academic, one who is able to dissect the motivation of his students and his art while remaining somewhat oblivious to the emotional storms brewing in his own relationships.
At its heart, Partners is a novel about parenting as a single father after divorce, and Solomon’s scenes with Mark and his son Ben strike the authentic, emotional balance between sentimentality and sincerity. Many of the novels I read are told from the feminine point of view, and it was really refreshing to get inside Mark’s head for this journey. While some of his parenting choices made me cringe — toddlers and motorcycles, oh my — Mark’s love for Ben is so absolutely encompassing that his choices felt authentic and the emotional journey of the story felt authentic.
Partners will appeal to many readers because of the contemporary feel of the story and the ability of so many readers to relate to the journey of single parenthood, whether they’re living it themselves or watching it unfold in the life of someone they love. . . . I . . . found myself completely invested in the characters and their story.
 Angela Amman
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5.0 out of 5 stars Partners is a great read. March 22, 2013
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This wonderfully written tale is a journey of life and love as told by a master writer. Solomon's use of language is worth the price alone. Read this book. Read it now.

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